AA&Co’s Tax Advisory division is one of the fastest-growing areas of our firm that provides clients with initiative-taking and cost-effective tax solutions that align with tomorrow’s possibilities. We adopt an integrated approach to address our clients’ business challenges based on their country’s tax legislation, relevant foreign tax legislation, and Double Taxation Agreements (DTA)….Read more


Many organizations are facing disruptive technologies, global competition, emerging business models, changing stakeholder expectations, and evolving regulation.
Dynamic organizations would not wait to see what tomorrow will bring, they shape their futures today. By remaining agile and adapting to these changes faster than their competitors….Read more


Staying ahead of disruptive change

The environment for business is changing faster now than at any time in recent history. Forces such as globalization and rapid technological changes are disrupting traditional business models and creating huge challenges for organizations, both privately owned and publicly listed…..Read more


AA&Co boasts an experienced corporate finance team servicing all major industry sectors. We combine our insights and experience to provide a comprehensive range of advisory and corporate finance solutions……Read more


Enabling broader risk coverage and proactive management of the internal audit function.

AA&Co’s internal audit service is designed to provide both assurance and consulting assistance on the adequacy and effectiveness of an organization’s system of internal controls.

AA&Co’s services include:…Read more


AA&Co’s objective here is to improve Business Agility with an integrated business risk services perspective
We understand that the advances in information technology (IT) have revolutionized business. Business models appear to be in a constant state of flux; the strategy needs to become more emergent and collaborative and governance, risk and oversight have become even more critical…..Read more


As our clients continue to extend domestically and internationally, back-office processes may become an unwanted distraction from core business operations.
We work with organizations to improve their finance function efficiency, reduce costs associated with business processes and provide a complete solution to the challenge faced by organizations.l…..Read more


In a world where change is vital for survival and being an early mover gives you the edge in competitive markets, the need for sound project management and effective solution delivery is increasingly important. Establishing governance practices and a controlled environment that aligns with the agility of change is pivotal for success.
AA&Co’s aim is to protect shareholder value by providing …..Read more


The commercial landscape is changing fast. An ever more regulated environment means organisations today must adopt stringent governance and compliance processes.

Services offered include:

  • Anti-financial crime advisory/ compliance
  • Compliance and risk assessment advising on the design, implementation and assessment of compliance programmes and systems, including regulatory reviews…Read more


The explosion of data generated by digital technology, combined with a new degree of connectedness among organisations, means that there is a ripe opportunity for the technologically savvy and criminally minded to take advantage.
We help our clients prepare themselves for cybersecurity threats, ensure ongoing protection, react effectively to attacks and drive change to improve their cybersecurity capability…Read more


Information is a strategic resource; your information systems power the financial and operational integrity of your organisation. AA&Co’s information technology services ensure that the IT effectiveness of your organisation is continuously improved.
AA&Co’s team of audit experts can help you navigate the complexities and provide you with robust independent assurance that your IT risks, key management priorities and core systems are being appropriately managed…Read more