Cyber Advisory

The explosion of data generated by digital technology, combined with a new degree of connectedness among organisations, means that there is a ripe opportunity for the technologically savvy and criminally minded to take advantage.
We help our clients prepare themselves for cybersecurity threats, ensure ongoing protection, react effectively to attacks and drive change to improve their cybersecurity capability.

AA&Co’s methodologies are designed to help you identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from cyber-attacks.
We help organisations understand their current exposure to cybersecurity risk and support them to develop an effective security capability.
AA&Co’s services include cybersecurity risk and threat assessments; cyber health checks; security policy development; security process or technical assessments; and third-party and supply chain cybersecurity assurance.
We develop and implement the technical framework and broader processes required to protect your organisation.
AA&Co’s services include security architecture development; security technology implementations; security process design and implementation; identity and access management; privacy and data protection; GDPR advisory; data classification; enterprise application integrity; security awareness training; cybersecurity audits; security hardening; cloud security; vulnerability assessments; and penetration testing.
We help organisations develop and implement the appropriate activities to detect the occurrence of a cyber security event.
AA&Co’s services include Security log review and monitoring (SOC, SIEM); Threat Hunting and Cyber Risk Monitoring.
We work with organisations to support and monitor their cybersecurity operations and help them respond rapidly in the event of a security or data breach. AA&Co’s services include incident response and monitoring.
We help organisations develop and implement the appropriate activities, prioritized through the organization’s risk management process, to restore the capabilities or critical infrastructure services that were impaired through a cybersecurity event.
AA&Co’s services include advisory and assurance on business continuity management, disaster recovery and cyber insurance.